How will I get around without a car?

A bus is available on the main road outside of ETF/LCCS. From there you can easily go to Leuven for buses and trains to other points, such as the Brussels Airport. There is a direct connection to Brussels Airport. A grocery store is less than 1 km. away, easily available by bike or on foot.

What time is check-out/check in?

Check-out time is 10:00 in the morning, unless there are extenuating circumstances. Check in is generally 15:00, though if we know beforehand, we can often accommodate you earlier.

How much does it cost to stay at LCCS?

The cost for one person in a guestroom per night is €30. For two people the cost is €40.50. For conferences we offer the possibility for catering of meals. In those cases the price of three meals and two coffee breaks will be €50 per person per day. For more details on prices for conference room rental and airport pick up, please contact us directly.