LCCS Study Center offers rooms for personal studies and reflections. 

Are you looking for a peaceful place to study or reflect? The Study Center of Leuven Center for Christian Studies (LCCS) might be the place you are looking for. You are very welcome for a short or long term stay in our former Jesuit monastery located just outside of Brussels (Belgium).


LCCS is located in the building of the Evangelische Theologische Faculteit vzw, Leuven (ETF) which has its own library. The expertise of this library lies in the field of Protestant Evangelical theological. A library card gives access to over a 100,000 volumes and a rich database of online sources. Besides, it is possible to use the facilities of the Catholic University, for example by studying in the Maurits Sabbe Library, which is – with 1,300,000 volumes – one of the largest and richest theological libraries in the world. In the city center you can also find plenty more libraries, among others those of philosophy, psychology, arts and sociology (15 min. by public transport from LCCS).


If you are in need of time for reflecting and rest, LCCS’s Study Center is a good choice. It is located in the beautiful city Leuven and surrounded by a pleasant area. During your stay there are many ways to enjoy the Flamish nature and heritage. You can walk along a water spring in the forest (7km), the castle of Arenberg (3km) or the lake in Kessel-Loo (8km). For spiritual refreshment and meeting the ETF-community, during school weeks you can join ETF’s community life, as the weekly chapel service on Wednesdays.

Costs and pratical information

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The Leuven Center for Christian Studies is an interdisciplinary study center of the Evangelische Theologische Faculteit vzw, Leuven (ETF) that offers rooms for groups and individuals to meet, study and reflect.